'there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger '



Excerpts taken from Platform and Program:

The following reflects the social reality of living in a society that is multi-racial and multi-ethnic while simultaneously being racist, oppressive and brutal in its dealings with people of color, especially the so-called African-American.

As Muslims of African descent, we  too acknowledge Islam's call to universal brotherhood/sisterhood. We support the just struggles of all poor and oppressed peoples here within the United States and elsewhere.

However, our focus is on the struggle of Black/New Afrikan people in our quest for freedom. The deep rooted historical conflicts between slavery versus freedom, the slave master versus the slave must be resolved. We seeks Allah's Guidance and Help.

1. We want freedom and liberation. We want freedom to control our communities and determine what is in our own best interest. We want to be liberated from the shackles of racism, poverty, disease and mindless materialism. We want the freedom to develop our human potential to the fullest degree.

2. We want full employment for all of our people. The Black/New Afrikan communities across this country have continued to suffer the experience of prolonged high rates of unemployment. As a consequence, our communities have fallen victim to crime, drugs, despair and broken families.

3. We want safe, affordable and decent  housing for our people. Many of us, because of economic conditions and racism, are forced to live in sub-standard, unsafe and overcrowded housing units. Too often, we're confined to so-called public housing projects which have become little more than domestic concentration camps and plantations, replete with poverty, ignorance, drugs, crime and massive spiritual and social decay. Worse yet, an increasing number of African-Americans (men, women and children) are homeless.

4. We want quality education. We want an education that exposes the true nature of American society. We want an education that teaches the truth about our peoples history and our present condition within American society. We want an education that will prepare us to do more than just 'earn a living': we want an education that will prepare us to liberate ourselves and our communities.

5. We want free, quality health care. Many of our people continue to suffer and die from either inadequate health care or none at all, because we can't afford it. The life span of the average Black/New Afrikan is still below that of the average white. The infant mortality rate for African-American babies is a national disgrace. Meanwhile, the white-supremacist United States government continues to spend billions of tax payer dollars on fruitless and unjust military incursions abroad.

6. We want an absolute end to  illegal and illicit  drug consumption, sales and distribution within our communities. The politics and racism of the drug trade have had a devastating impact on the Black/New Afrikan people. Many of our neighborhoods are now saturated with drugs. We must fight back in order to save ourselves...,
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